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On the Issues

I am campaigning on being the voice of and for the people. I am looking to serve their best interests in order to better enhance their quality of life which would include but not be limited to affordable health care, protection from increasing gun violence and the ability to work a living wage.  It is the Duty of Congress to enact laws that enhance the lives of all people.  Congress was enacted to be the voice of the people.  You are the people.   I pledge that if elected I will listen to you and understand your needs and serve your interests and your family's interest. This is your Congress.  Laws should be enacted to enhance your quality of life not prejudicially impede it.



Environmental Justice and Democracy issues rank among my top 5 priorities in Congress.  To put it simply, we cannot continue to function as we do by allowing greedy corporations and corrupt officials to continue contributing to the pollution of our air, sea and land and allow them to   ignore the adverse effect that it has had on climate change.  We must hold corporations and corrupt officials accountable for their misdeeds and their greed.  If allowed to continue it will have a devastating effect on the earth for generations to come.


Democracy has always been our bedrock principle however it seems to be lost on some of our lawmakers today.  One by one our rights and freedoms guaranteed by the constitution are being stripped away.  We are at the crossroads now.  We now have the ability through this election to right the wrongs perpetrated by those in power that have been corrupted by greed and power.


As a person of color I also remain committed to racial justice and the creation of harassment free spaces.  We are living in dangerous times today. There are those currently seeking office that have demonstrated their racial biases, sexist beliefs and disdain for our constitution.  It will take honest people like myself and others seeking office that are loyal to the belief that all are created equal and that we all have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


I will work to ensure our seniors have dignity in retirement by: 

  • Preserving our Democracy - Voting Rights & Fair Maps Commission

  • Protect Medicare, Medicaid & Social Security 

  • Dependable, and affordable healthcare

  • Decent, affordable housing

  • Affordable transportation when seniors don't have personal vehicles or drivers license 

  • Statewide improvements in internet/communication infrastructure

  • Lifelong learning opportunities -- like free Community College classes

  • Protect the environment; climate change; clean air & water

  • Address disinformation and misinformation

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