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Meet Nigel

Nigel Bristow is a proud public servant who has spent his career serving the public and keeping his community safe. Now he's running to represent the 9th district in U.S. Congress to fight for us.

In 2010, Nigel retired from the New York City Police Department as a detective after twenty years of dedicated service. In 2011, he relocated to North Carolina to live on land once owned by his great-grandfather, and worked for the State of North Carolina Department of Adult Correction as a Probation/Parole Officer. For the last six years, Nigel has served as a Chief of Probation/Parole for Anson County. 

Outside of a career in public safety, Nigel dedicates his time to folks in need in his community. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors for New Horizons, the agency that serves domestic violence survivors in Richmond County. He also serves as Chairman on the Richmond County Local Reentry Council, the Community Centers Coalition of Richmond County and the Ashley Chapel Community Organization Center.

Outside of his career and nonprofit work, Nigel is married with two children, ages 6 and 8. He's a proud member of the Livingston Chapel Missionary Baptist Church community, and a proud alumnus of John Jay College with a Bachelors' in Criminal Justice.


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